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Loyalty Program

Live Date: 20.08.2022

We are pleased to introduce our brand new loyalty program.

We would like to reward our lovely customers for shopping with us and we want to give our loyal customers added benefits and rewards. 

You can now collect Marbles for shopping with us on-line.  When you reach a certain number of marbles collected you will receive a coupon code to use in our on-line store.  Simply click on BME Loyalty on the drop menu from LOYALTY PROGRAM on the top tool bar and start earning your marbles!

We are still honouring all previous loyalty scheme purchases and will send a discount code when you have purchased 5 Blue Marble Equestrian horse rugs.

Previous loyalty scheme details are below:

On purchase of your first Blue Marble Equestrian horse rug you will receive a loyalty card with the first stamp/ sticker on it.  For every subsequent Blue Marble Equestrian horse rug that is purchased a loyalty sticker will be sent along with the rug.  Simply add the sticker to your reward card.


When you have collected 5 stickers write the date on the card below the stickers, take a picture and send it to us.

Completed loyalty cards can be sent via any of our social media accounts, email, text, in person at any event where we have a trade stand (please contact us to find out where we will be).  Please ensure you include your name and contact details in the message.

As soon as we receive the completed loyalty card we will send you a 10% discount code to be used on ANY Blue Marble Equestrian product.

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Need further information?

If you have any questions or queries regarding the loyalty program please get in touch with us.

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